feature ruby-processing propane
binary rp5 jruby
java jdk-7 jdk-8
version processing-2.2.1 processing-3.3.6
ruby 1.9.3 2.3+
ArcBall library gem
Vec2D library built-in
Vec3D library built-in
DegLut library built-in
FX2D No Yes
App Export Yes Experimental
Live mode Yes Yes
Watch mode Yes No
--nojruby see below Not Applicable
settings no see below
java_args.txt Sets jvm opt see below

For ruby-processing the --nojruby flag (or running with jruby-complete) is required to run a number of sketches eg shader and load_image. In propane use the data_path wrapper to return the absolute path for the data folder see here. Currently there is no option use jruby-complete instead of an installed jruby (if you want this install JRubyArt instead).

Introduced for processing-3.0 is the settings method, but this is hidden for users of the processing ide. This is where size belongs or full_screen, also you should set smooth and pixel_density here. Retina users can make use of their hi-dpi display by setting pixel_density(2), NB: size should be first line of settings, and if used pixel_density(2) should be next.

In propane we do not use java_args.txt to set jruby or java options since you can enter these after the jruby command see Execution Environments.