JRubyArt is a ruby wrapper for processing-3.3.6. That requires you install vanilla processing-3.3.6 (cf propane). It also supports bare sketches (similar to vanilla processing where the bare sketch gets wrapped into a class under the hood) also the watch mode is also supported, neither feature is currently supported with propane.

JRubyArt and propane

Create processing sketches in ruby using regular ruby-2.3 syntax, and use the magic JRuby to run them. You can use both rubygems and and regular processing libraries in your sketches. JRubyArt examples can be easily converted to work with propane (and vice-versa).

In general where there is a choice of using a java (processing) method or a regular ruby method you should choose the ruby method (eg use rand in place of random). Further you should prefer to use JRuby classes Vec2D and Vec3D instead of processings PVector class. Processing has a number of convenience methods which are not needed in ruby (eg ‘pow’ use ** in JRubyArt/propane) and some static methods have not been implemented in JRubyArt/propane. For the processing map method prefer map1d (see example) or use p5map if you must. Another thing to watch is color which is implemented differently in JRubyArt/propane (see example).

See also my blog for more code ideas.