Install Atom

See website (or scroll to bottom of releases page for downloads on github)

For linux ignore any distro version and download latest version (at least 1.24.0) and:-

sudo dpkg --install atom-amd64.deb # debian, mint, ubuntu
sudo pacman -S atom # Archlinux currently installs 1.24.0

Mac/Windows users could just download direct (or homebrew on Mac)

Tough luck if you want the 32 bit version on debian linux

Install Package

From the atom editor install the script package by Kyle Kelley (rgbkrk)

Running Sketches


To pick up the local environment you should start atom from a terminal.

To explore propane samples open ~/propane_samples/regular or ~/propane_samples/data_path folder, select a file to view then from Packages/Script select Run Script

What’s it look like