For a semi-automated setup and install, download and extract this gist. To keep your system clean put the file in a folder say ~/install_picrate

cd ~/picrate_install
bash # to run default task

What the script does

  1. Downloads JRuby
  2. Installs JRuby to /opt
  3. Uses update-alternatives to configure jruby, jgem and jirb
  4. The script checks for GEM_HOME, if undefined it modifies ~/.profile to define GEM_HOME and puts gem binaries on your path, at logon.
  5. Installs jdk11 if required sets JAVA_HOME, needed to support jruby (–add-opens)
  6. Creates ~/.gemrc with gem: no-document
  7. Creates ~/.jruby.java_opts with --add-opens to suppress reflective access warnings.
  8. Installs picrate gem To install picrate_samples also configures geanyIDE for use with picrate run picrate --install in a bash console


GEM_HOME, JAVA_HOME and path to gem binaries are not available until next logon, to use immediately you could:-

source ~/.profile

NB: this only works in current shell, so if you want to use geanyIDE you should logout and logon again.