This site is the home of the ruby-processing group, which exists to collect together projects that have evolved from the original ruby-processing see about. New members are always welcome, but preferably leave any opinionated frameworks behind, this is emphatically not a rails project, and does not require bundler, rvm or rbenv, use these tools (crutches) locally if you must (but don’t blame me when they screw up, as well they might, just take a look at the screwy travis-ci stack traces of any build using jruby). At the simplest level there is always scope for developing spiffy new examples (ruby), but the recently created atom projects could also use some love (javascript / cson), where the possibilities far exceed my limited abilities. To develop JRubyArt or propane a knowledge of java and polyglot maven builds would come in handy. Knowledge of current javascript (since coffeescript is slipping out of favor) would be handy to improve atom-k9 and language-jruby-art, atom is the editor of choice for JRubyArt, propane etc. In general unit testing (minitest/JUnit) is preferred to rspec etc.