Install linux

If you’ve got a Windows machine it is probably much easier than you think to install linux OS, for most people the sensible choice would be Mint / Ubuntu. You should do this because Microsoft Windows has never been OSS friendly, you will learn a lot (MacOS is not very OSS friendly either, and just too expensive but it is somewhat more posix compliant). Unless you have an Intel graphics card, you should probably use the closed source drivers (but free as in free beer from manufacturers). On Mint you should use the Adminstration/Driver Manager to check/install such drivers (eg Nvidia-375.66). In general you should prefer to use the graphical tools to install software on Debian, but sometimes versions will be out of date see Install Debian

Or stick with what you know

Vanilla processing is not too bad, but you should also try JRubyArt, the updated version of the now deprecated ruby-processing.

Become an OSS hero

Help make propane work on Windows (it should be quite easy, should only need addition of JOGL binaries) and test what already works (ie should mostly work but without OPENGL support). To do this you should fork the distro and submit a PR, ideally you will be familiar with maven, github, and ruby, but you could surprise yourself.