Description Java / Processing JRubyArt
2D vector Vec2D TVec2D a
2D vector Vec3D TVec3D a
bounding box AABB AABB b
Other geometry eg Matrix4x4 Toxi::Matrix4x4c
Volume eg VolumetricSpace VolumetricSpaceb
Color eg ToneMap Toxi::ToneMapc
Color TColor TColord
Graphics Util not available

aRenamed to avoid clash with JRubyArt built in Vec2D and Vec3D

bClasses unlikely to have namespace clash, see toxiclibs.rb

cUsing Toxi prefix to avoid possible namespace clash, see toxiclibs.rb

dSince version 0.92 (previously required Toxi prefix)

eUsing Gfx prefix to provide access to the toxi.processing package, see toxiclibs.rb. Most common usage would be to call ToxiclibsSupport see below:-

ToxiclibsSupport gfx = new ToxiclibsSupport(this);

in JRubyArt and propane

@gfx =