Recommended Setup For JRubyArt and propane

Prior to jdk9 there were no specific recommendations, linux user probably used vanilla OpenJDK8 that was installed by there distribution, and Mac and Windows users probably installed Oracle jdk8. The ruby-processing project wants to move forward, and it is a requirement that you install at least jdk11. Oracle jdk is no longer an option for regular users, but unfortunately neither is a stock linux distribution of OpenJDK11+.

Stock OpenJDK on linux

Currently, doesn’t work with OpenGL (missing linker?).


The development version of vanilla processing is using this version and I think it is a good choice, however to confuse matters it comes in several flavours. Vanilla processing is using the variant with a hotspot jvm, which is a good starting point. The ruby-processing group will be pleased to hear about anyone experimenting with the OpenJ9 jvm.

Debian and RPM linux release matrix


Brew Install MacOS



Windows 64

Azul OpenJDK

This is just another possibility but untested with ruby-processing projects.


The illegal reflective access warnings warnings re-jogl remain.